This body of work is based on the area I now live it which is know as Tanglewood. My husband and I often go out on our kayaks and fishing boat very early in the morning or at sunset.  I use both my camera and my phone to capture the beauty of light and nature at its best. I then use the photos as a source of inspiration.




The pieces in this collection are a combination of many different mediums. Materials used range from 65 year old suede and silk from my husbands family to upholstery nails, jewelry and glass.. The base for most for many of these is hand made paper that I created myself.




These pieces are made of pigmented of unbeached  Flax and Abaca paper pulp that I made from tree bark and other natural materials




This series of abstracts are made of Acrylic paint that is first painted on a surface other than canvas. Once the painting is finished it is then pealed off and then  mounted on Archival paper. Often times I go back and paint on the again after I mount them on the paper. Some of these are unmounted as they can be framed between two pieces of Plexiglas so that they can be viewed from either side. They look much like stained glass at that point.




These Mono prints are on BFK 100% Archival paper using Acrylic paint, India ink and watercolor.  I have always had an affinity for Ancient Asian art, especially landscape scrolls.  This series came along after a trip to China. There were about 16 in this sereis and there are just a few left.